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American Code Lab is a core, specialist Technology member of May Fountain group. 

We provide Digital Transformation Services & Executive Coaching in the highly specialized business domain of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Management Technology in the context of AI-driven Global Business Administration to help Companies improve complex processes execution and large scale data automation for all compliance purposes. 

Established since 2022, 
our specialist technology services have been deployed in many compliance management projects across industries and our executive coaching products have benefited thousands of executive professionals internationally.

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Strategic Corporate ESG Enabling Partner
for Companies

American Code Lab's professional services are dedicated to (1) tech-driven enterprise COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT in the context of HIGH-RISK GLOBAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION; and to (2) on-job coaching, mentorship and executive upskilling for TECH TEAMS to have better BUSINESS COMPETENCY in the new digital economy; and for BUSINESS TEAMS to have the requisite TECH CAPABILITY to implement their companies' digital transformation. 


The key objective is to help improve corporate administration processes overall for better efficiency and enterprise value, at the same time improving executive contribution to companies hence the career development and professional growth of working professionals in organizations across the world.

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Michael Nhat, Barrister-at-Law (UK)

+19 years Founding Businesses, Leading Teams
+15 years in Legal
+14 years in Construction
+6 years in Technology

Chief Technology Strategist
Group Founder, Chairman & CEO
since 2010

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Around the world and across industry sectors, especially in the context of Global Business Administration and High-risk Digital Economy, there are huge needs for professional corporate up-skilling and re-skilling in the domain of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Management Technology. 

Leveraging the know-hows of May Fountain group and combining with specialist technology focus, American Code Lab is strategically positioned to serve that need. Our business experts and technology strategists have decades of experience, not only advising, mentoring but also hands-on managing companies and investment projects worldwide ensuring coherent compliance at the same time with efficient operations and promoting overall enterprise value. Meanwhile, our select executive coaching programs are highly practical, based on actual experiences and expertise, rapidly enabling learners the skillsets they need for better effective work performance.

May Fountain is an established company since 2010, specializing in Corporate Service and Compliance Management, which enable clients to do business worldwide more effectively.  

American Code Lab offers practical technology services and executive coaching solutions to help solve a specific, existing and continuing worldwide problem: 'lack of business qualified software engineering professionals at all levels across industry sectors, in the times of global mega trend digital transformation'. 


always engaging & robust delivery,
whether small or big groups



Michael Nhat, Barrister-at-Law (UK)

+19 years Founding Businesses, Leading Teams
+15 years in Legal
+14 years in Construction
+6 years in Technology

Chief Technology Strategist
Group Founder, Chairman & CEO
since 2010

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Michael Nhat is a Lawyer, Tech CEO and Entrepreneur with deep understandings of the corporate, legal and financial systems of the world's major economies. With over 19 years of first-hand experience in Founding Businesses and Leading Teams spanning 15 years in Legal, 14 years in Construction together with 6 years in Technology domain, Michael has successfully built and managed several flagship businesses in the Legal & Compliance, Business & Investments Services, Construction and Software Engineering industries. 

By 2023, Michael has lead teams of experts in his group of companies to handle well over $1 billion value of executed transactions and assets under management, leveraging deep know-hows combined with fresh energies of the digital age and worldwide network. 

As entrepreneur, in 2010 Michael co-founded SGPT Group, since 2016 re-branded as May Fountain LLC, which is a tech-driven Advisory Firm specializing in Corporate Service and Compliance Management covering key domain expertise such as Compliance-based Company Secretarial & Entity Management, Corporate Due Diligence and Contract Drafting & Review, serving worldwide clients and partners, many of whom are leading start-ups or long established companies, whether in the World Economic Forum, Fortune 500, Big Four, Legal 500 and IFLR 1000, or winners of many other prestigious international awards. 

From the foundation of May Fountain, in the late 2010s Michael went on to establish NHA Ventures LLC which is a dedicated investment fund focusing on the global development trend in key business sectors. One of NHA Ventures LLC major subsidiaries is American Code Lab JSCAs a corporate entity, American Code Lab operates in the Technology Sector, joining forces strategically with May Fountain business professionals to develop New Technology Solutions and Digital Transformation Consulting services in the domain of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Management in the context of Global Business Administration to help companies improve complex processes execution and large scale data automation. As part of its operations and within its chosen sector focus, American Code Lab also operates job-driven executive coaching products with a view to helping solve a specific, existing and continuing worldwide problem: 'lack of business qualified software engineering professionals at all levels across industry sectors, in the times of global mega trend digital transformation', which activities have benefited thousands of trainees internationally since original inception in 2022.

As senior executive officer, Michael previously served on special assignment as Head of Executive Chairman Office, Chief Legal Counsel and Director of Business Development at Cofico Construction JSC, being one of the most reputable construction groups in Viet Nam established since 1975 having built numerous landmark projects across the country, applying modern technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM); with design & build general contractor capabilities ranging from residential to commercial and industrial, hospitality and infrastructure segments for a diversified portfolio of major international investors and developers.

Also on special assignment earlier, Michael served as CEO for Viet Nam & Southeast Asia of DevBlock Technologies Inc. USA, a full-service software development agency headquartered in Seattle, serving a wide range of clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Michael graduated from: Harvard Kennedy School, Executive Program on Trade Policy; City Law School London, Post-graduate Diploma in Professional Legal Skills; University of London, LLB; American Society of Civil Engineers, Training on Design & Build Contracts; International Federation of Consulting Engineers, Training on FIDIC Contracts. 

Michael is a Barrister-at-Law of England & Wales, member of the Honorable Society of the Middle Temple (London, UK). Michael is also an active member of UNICEF NextGen Viet Nam.


Hang Le,

+18 years Founding Businesses, Leading Teams
+12 years in Legal, Finance & HR
+7 years in MNC Marketing
+7 years in International Business Development

Co-Founder & Group Managing Director

since 2010

Hang Le is a Professional Corporate Advisor, Business Management and Marketing Expert. Hang is a Co-Founder of May Fountain group of companies since our original inception in 2010 and since 2018 as our Group Managing Director.

Hang is responsible for all operational management, nurturing May Fountain group of companies' culture, enhancing our relationships with key stakeholders both local and international, while co-leading May Fountain's professional services to clients. 

With over 18 years of first-hand experience in Founding Businesses and Leading Teams spanning 12 years in Legal, Finance & HR together with 7 years in MNC Marketing and 7 years in International Business Development, Hang currently leads May Fountain's outstanding Corporate Service and Compliance Support operations, taking care of all key aspects of 'back office' administration to enable global clients to do business worldwide.


Before May Fountain, Hang was with PepsiCo Viet Nam, and contributed substantially to the successful marketing and launch campaigns of Pepsi, 7Up, Aquafina, Sting and Twister in the Viet Nam market. Hang had also managed the entire marketing operations of an F&B chain of 30 outlets across Viet Nam.


Hang holds a B.A. (Honours) in Economics, Foreign Trade University of Viet Nam.



Mr. Hung Q. Nguyen,
Honorary Board Member

Mr. Hung Q. Nguyen, a distinguished figure in software testing, product development, and global business development and management, boasts a four-decade career. As Founder and CEO of LogiGear Corporation, a pioneer in IT sector, software testing and quality assurance solutions, he's made an indelible mark. 

Hung's journey began at Cogswell Polytechnical College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Quality Assurance. Furthering his education with an Executive Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business, he worked at tech giants like Electronic Arts, Palm Computing, and PowerUp before founding LogiGear in Silicon Valley in 1994. His tireless dedication transformed it into a global enterprise software solutions company serving US, UK/EU, Japan, APAC, and Vietnam, elevating LogiGear to international acclaim. 

A prolific author and teacher in software testing, Hung also contributes to the Vietnamese business and IT community, generating innovative ideas for Vietnam's growth. Hung Quoc Nguyen isn't just a leader; he's a visionary shaping the IT landscape and more.


Mr. Tri N. Pham,
Senior Advisor

Mr. Tri N. Pham is Chairman, Vnexus Capital Advisors, a Vietnam-based advisory group with partners in Asia, Europe and US. Mr. Pham is well-respected by key local and foreign counterparts, both in government and private sectors. He has provided advice on a wide range of topics, including international capital markets and corporate governance, to senior government officials and top executives in financial institutions and companies, in and outside of Vietnam. He has also been invited to speak at selective economic, diplomatic and academic platforms regarding the development of Vietnam. 

Prior to Vnexus Capital Advisors, Mr. Pham served as Vice Chairman, Bitexco Group (2014-2017), a leading Vietnamese conglomerate in real estate and energy. He spearheaded the Group's restructuring initiatives including reforming its legal and governance framework, and established its international capital market access. Under his leadership, Bitexco formed strategic relationships with foreign institutions, launched landmark financing deals and attained a prominent position in the international platform among a very few top domestic companies. 

Previously, Mr. Pham was Chief Country Officer and General Manager for Deutsche Bank Vietnam for 7 years (2007- 2014). In that role, he established a solid franchise and navigated it successfully throughout the Asian financial crisis. Among his achievements, he built a well-balanced gender and all local management team, the first and only among foreign banks in Vietnam to date. Before returning to Vietnam, he had a distinguished 27-year career at the World Bank/IFC in Washington DC including Capital Markets Operations in Europe and Asia. During 1988-1998, he formed successful partnerships with central bank authorities, investment bankers and investors, launching internationally awarded deals and raising billions of dollars for projects in developing countries, including Vietnam.


Mr. Chanitr Charnchainarong,
Advisor to CEO

Mr. Chanitr Charnchainarong, a former executive vice-president of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and former president of Market for Alternative Investment (mai), Chanitr helped established a new fund-raising platform for small to mid-sized firms and high growth potential. Promoting CLMV relationships in establishing capital market and sourcing new listing for both local and abroad were also included in his role. 

Presently appointed as Board Member for Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA): a regulator designated to help drive Thailand’s economy and society to be part of digital economy. Previous government-related agencies and business-related organizations appointments were advisor to The Office of Board of Investment (BOI), The Thai Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman of Thailand – Cambodia Business Council. Chanitr holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Purdue University.


Ms. Uyen Tran,

Ms. Uyen Tran is currently Chief Operations Officer & Partnership of True Digital Vietnam, one of leading technology companies in Vietnam, providing innovative solutions for various industries. With expertise in technology, media, and social commerce, the company offers a wide range of products and services to meet the changing needs of customers. Before joining True Digital Vietnam, Uyen had more than 09 years working at Deloitte Vietnam as Clients & Markets Senior Manager, mainly in charge of supporting for Executive Office and all Business Functions in Business Development strategy/ activities of the firm. She is also in charge of Business Relationship Management to key accounts, work closely with key local & international stakeholders to exploit potential opportunities for the Firm. Besides, she is responsible for Firm branding strategy, building market eminence to help the Firm’s brand stays strong and respected among stakeholders. 

Before joining Deloitte Vietnam, Uyen had 08 years working at Bankinvest Group – Penm Partner, one of the most experienced PE funds in Vietnam through four different funds. With the role as a Business Development Manager, she supported EU investors in deal sourcing, divestment projects, and fund raising process for the funds in Vietnam. She was also in charge of taking care of key investees’ relationship and be responsible for connecting with local authorities for potential opportunity for the funds and supported the investees in branding and marketing activities which were align with the strategy from Supervisory board of the funds. Besides the role as Senior Manager at Deloitte Vietnam, Uyen was appointed as Southeastern Vietnam Delegate of the European Chamber Of Commerce in Vietnam (Eurocham) since 2017 to help strengthen the dialogue between foreign investors and local Governments as well as to bring the business community closer in Southeastern Vietnam with various kinds of business activities. 

Uyen accomplished the Bachelor of Arts in English & Literature of University of Social Sciences & Humanity, Vietnam in 1998 and obtained certifications on training course relating to Accounting and French.

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